Our Guaranty

If you're not completely satisfied with our service we will (within 10 Business Days) refund any up front fees (additional sign purchases and Virtual Tour payments do not apply to refund amount) you've paid to HomeAtlantaGa.com provided that:

  • You agree to Linc Realty of Atlanta transferring your listing to a Cooperating Broker. You may Choose the Cooperating Broker.
  • Refund is payable only if your home sells through the selected Cooperating Broker.
  • Refund is not applicable if you decide not to sell.

  • Have questions or concerns regarding our plans. Simply give us a call to discuss.

    CALL ME at 678-617-7167 to discuss your Real Estate needs. We handle Real Estate Investments, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Development, Commercial Sales and Leasing, REO Properties, Short Sales and Atlanta Foreclosures.

    Mark Tidwell Cell: 678.617.7167 Office: Linc Realty of Atlanta 678.394.3200