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Service Flat Fee Listing
Listing Fees $399.00
GAMLS Lock Box $100.00 Optional
Closing Fees .0055 X Sales Price
Additional Sign Rider with Your Number. (Optional Not Required) $40.00 Includes Shipping
In Person Listing Appointment
Phone Calls go to You. Your Number entered in the MLS Listing.
Deal directly with me not an assigned agent
Listed in Georgia MLS
Listed in FMLS
Lock Box Optional See Above
List Until Sold
Unlimited Changes
Come & Go From Listing
List on Nations Top RE Websites
List on Top Consumer RE Websites
Up to 30 Wide Ultra Wide Angle Lens Photos
Listed On Local Agents Websites
CMA Reports (If Available)
Recommended Staging
Yard Sign 18 x 24
Directional Signs
Feedback Reports
Electronic Flyer For Print
Buyer's Call Go to You
We'll Show Your Property If You Can't
Sell Your own Home & Pay No Buyers Agent Commission
All Georgia Assoc. of Realtors Forms Provided
Set Your Own Buyer's Agent Commission
Sign Rider With Your Phone Number
Open House Listed on
Seller Representation
Contracts delivered to us
Contract Review
Contract Preparation
Contract Negotiations
Closing Attorney Preparation
HUD-1 Review

Want Lower Real Estate Fees and Listing Commissions?

My Real Estate Expertise and Flat Fee Listing System can save you thousands on Realtors Fees!

Personal Service form the listing appointment to the closing table!

Flat Fee Listing & Fees


My Flat Fee Realty Service has no hidden fees. Other Flat Fee Companies have hidden fees for items such as "per photos charge." Some Charge as much as $15.00 per photo! Our Listing Fees are prominently advertised.

  • $399.00 Due at Listing

  • $100.00 Lock Box Rental Fee
  • Supra Lock Box Lock Box fee only applies should you choose this option. Lock Box Fee applies for the entire listing period.

  • .0055 X the sales price due only at a successful closing.
  • This includes the .0012 percent charged to us by the FMLS!


  • Availability
  • I'm available to answer your questions, receive offers, negotiate contracts etc....Monday through Sunday 365 Days a Year!

  • List Until Sold!
  • No ending term to your listing agreement. We will renew your Flat Fee listing agreement until your home sells. In addition, we list homes in six month intervals.

  • Unlimited Changes
  •  You may change items such as list price, selling commissions, property description & photos.

    Please e-mail your requested changes; most changes occur within 48hrs. Signature is required for price changes.

  • The Flat Fee Listing Agreement
  • is a three month agreement but we list in 90 Day intervals. This way you home always has a fresh MLS listing number. Why is this important?

    Realtor's are very aware of your listing number! It's their business to know the inventory. Keeping a fresh MLS Listing number is like having fresh fruit on the counter!

  • Come & Go From Your Listing Anytime
  • If you decide not to sell and wish to withdraw your listing we do charge an administrative fee of $30.00 for the GAMLS and $30.00 for the FMLS. (This includes the fee's charged to us by both MLS services.)

    If however you wish to re-list your property at a later time there is no charge to reactive your listing.

    Internet Marketing

  • FMLS

  • First Multiple Listing Service Logo

      Your home is listed in the First Multiple Listing Service; one of the premier multiple listing services in Atlanta. Nearly all professional real estate agents in the Metro Atlanta Area use the First Multiple Listing Service. Buyers agents use this system to e-mail clients listings on a daily bases! It's imperative to have your home listed in the FMLS!


  • Georgia MLS Logo

       Many professional real estate agent in the Metro Atlanta area use the Georgia Multiple Listing Service.

    The Georgia Multiple Listing Service is an important step in marketing your home. Don't miss 50% of the active buyers. Market your home in both the Georgia MLS and the FMLS!

  • ListHub

  • List Hub Logo

      Internet Marketing on ListHub's Partners List.

  • List on the Nations top Real Estate Consumer Websites.

  • Realty Website Logos

  • Your Home Listed on Local Realtor's and Real Estate Broker's websites
  • With online listing from the GAMLS and FMLS your home is listed on a multitude of major Real Estate Franchises such as Re/Max Coldwell Banker Realty Keller Williams Realty Century 21 Realty Prudential Georgia Realty Harry Norman Realtors and most others as accessed by buyers.

  • EXCLUSIVE   Up to 30 High Definition Photos format ready for the FMLS and GAMLS Systems
  • We use Professional Canon Equipment/ Ultra Wide Angle Lens to enhance your properties features. There is no charge for this service. A $200+/- Value.

    View the difference in a regular camera (left) and a ultra wide angle lens (right)

Regular Camera Master Bedroom
bedroom with ultra wide angle lens

  • You Tube Listing
  • Your Home will be displayed on You Tube as a property panoramic virtual tour.

Setting the Price

  • CMA Reports
  • We provide detailed Comparative Market Analysis on your property. We base our CMA on recently sold properties in your area. Calculations based mainly on square footage. (upon request/when the data is available)

  • Pricing
  • Based on our observations of your home and CMA reports we'll recommend a reasonable pricing strategy for your home.

  • EXCLUSIVE Absorption Rate Analysis for your City,Zip Code or School District
  • Based on our observations of your home and CMA reports we'll recommend a reasonable pricing strategy for your home.

    The Listing Appointment

  • You Deal Directly with me!
  • I personally handle your listing from the listing appointment to the closing table. Most likely you'll never see or meet the Broker when Listing with other Flat Fee Companies!

  • Flat Fee Service Area
  • Metro Atlanta including but not limited to: North Fulton County, Forsyth County, Cobb County, Gwinnett County, Hall County, Walton County, Dekalb County.

  • Your Schedule
  • I come to your home for the listing. Listing appointments are generally held during daylight hours for photography reasons.

  • Tour Your Home
  • Upon arrival I will tour your home for analysis and make any necessary recommendations.

  • Brokerage Representation
  • We represent you during the entire selling process.

  • Yard Sign
  • Home Atlanta Ga Flat Listing For Sale Sign

    A Real Estate Yard Signs are recommended for several reasons.

    It makes the Home identifiable for Realtors Showing your home.

    Secondly as Potential Buyers find homes on the internet they frequently visit homes for visual inspections prior to scheduling an appointment with their agents.

    We supply one standard for sale sign with each listing. (Sign: 18" W x 24" H / Stand Included)

    Additional Double Sided Rider sign with you contact phone number available. 24" (L) x 6" (H). Price is $40.00 - Includes shipping. Please allow 5 to 7 day delivery.

    for sale by owner number

    Rider Sign is Optional Not Required

  • Specialty Yard Signs
  • Some HOA's require specialty yard signs. We will send our art work to your HOA's recommended sign company in the format they require!

  • Directional Signs
  • We supply up to 2 directional signs with the Flat Fee Listing Plan. (Additional Signs Available for $20.00 each /stand included)

  • Marketing Flyer
  • We'll e-mail you an very beautiful and dynamic PDF template for you to upload photos, edit text and print.

  • FMLS and GAMLS Listing Input Sheets
  • During the listing appointment, we will complete the information Data Sheets for both the First Multiple Listing Service and the Georgia Multiple Listing Service. Your input is welcome.

  • Lock Box
  • Realtors use an electronic key they carry or have downloaded to their smart phones. This electronic e-key opens the GAMLS compatible lock boxes.

    Most lock boxes attach to the front door. If you desire control over your showings you may place the lock box out as scheduled showings occur.

    We strongly recommend lock box usage.
    Access to the home is as important as the marketing. All the marketing in the world won't sell your home if buyers can't access the property with their agent(s).

  • Before we activate your listing.
  • We make recommendations for your home. It doesn't make sense for your listing to go live during the listing appointment. Our recommendations may take a few days or even a week for you to complete. Your home should be absolutely in top condition before your listing goes live.

    However, once you give us the "all clear" your home will be active within 24 to 48 hours.

After your Home is Listed

  • Sell your own home and pay no Buyer's Agent Commission.
  • And we'll still write the contract for you.

  • Open House
  • We encourage you to hold your own open house. We'll even list it for you on the Realtor's Open House Portal. Open House Dates must be e-mailed to us 7 days prior to the actual open house date. No changes to the date can be made once the open house date is within a 48 hour window.

  • Agent Phone Calls
  • Buyer's Agent Phone Calls! When a Buyer's agent client has potential interest in your home the agent will call for availability and showing instructions. Or they will want to know if any offers exist etc.

    We handle these calls.

    If you wish to receive phone calls from agents simply let us know.

  • Showing reports E-Mailed to you
  • Our automated system captures information on who showed your home. Information is captured such as agents name, the day they showed your property, the time they showed your property and their Brokerage Firm Association. This system will e-mail you almost instantly when a showing occurs.

    This is only applicable if you have a GAMLS compatible lock box and if the showing occurred through a real estate professional.

  • Feedback reports E-Mailed to you
  • If an agent shows your property, our automated system contacts them requesting feedback from the showing. If the agent responds we'll e-mail you the feedback response. This is only applicable if you've elected to use the GAMLS compatible lock box and if the showing occurred through a real estate professional.

  • Show Property to Buyers
  • All buyer leads are forwarded to you. If however you're not available to show and would like us to show your home we'll gladly do so.

    If one of our buyer agents shows and sells your property they will be entitled to the same commissions as you were offering any other Atlanta brokerages.

When you receive a contract

  • Our Contracts
  • Counter Offer, Disclosure Forms, Community Forms and Other Forms Provided under the $399.00 Plan: Full Contract Preparation and Negotiations Included in the .0055 Closing Service.

    We only use contracts approved by the Georgia Association of Realtors.

  • E-Signatures - Sign Contracts and Forms where ever you are!
  • Electronic Signatures on Contracts and Forms are legal in Georgia! We use an automated electronic signature system basically eliminating the need to print, sign and fax. You can even sign from your cell phone!

  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Contract negotiation is one of the most crucial aspects in a Real Estate Transaction. We write ALL Contracts, Counter Offers etc...for You! I have ten years experience negotiating contracts.

  • Inspection Process and Negotiations
  • Negotiating home inspection items is usually a taunting tasks. Many real estate transactions dissolve over items found by home inspectors. We not only help you negotiate these items but we write the Home Inspection Counter Form for You.

    I've successfully negotiated hundreds of these inspection reports. Take advantage of my experience!

  • Seller's Property Disclosure Statements Form Provided
  • as well as a Community Association Disclosure Statement, Lead Base Paint Disclosure Statement, Closing Attorney Instruction Sheet and any of the other Hundreds of forms you may need to successfully close your home. I will guide you through the process.

Headed for the Closing Table

  • Coordinate Closings
  • We schedule closing times based on your schedule not ours. In addition, we communicate with the closing attorney on issues such as title insurance policy, timely executed HUD statement, HOA information, Lien issues and more.

  • Attend Closings
  • If you are selling under the Flat Fee Listing Plan I will attend the closing for an additional fee of $150.00.

    I will attend the closing, review the FINAL HUD statement (at the closing table), address any items of concern, answer closing attorney questions, handle last-minute issues that may arise and more.

Additional Listing Information

  1. Types of Properties
  2. We list the following types of Properties For Sale

    Residential Single Family



    Land and Farm

    New Construction

    Residential Developed Lots

Have questions or concerns regarding my plans. Simply give me a call to discuss.

CALL ME at 678-617-7167 to discuss your Real Estate needs. We handle Real Estate Investments, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Development, Commercial Sales and Leasing, REO Properties, Short Sales and Atlanta Foreclosures.

Mark Tidwell Cell: 678.617.7167 Office: Linc Realty of Atlanta 678.394.3200

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