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What is a Listing Agent?

The Listing Agent in a Real Estate Transaction represents the interest of the Seller.

A Listing Agent may be an Agent, Broker or Associate Broker. This role provides separation from the Buyer's Agent representing the purchaser.

Should you use a Listing Agent?

We believe most sellers benefit by listing their property with a Real Estate Brokerage Firm which represents their best interest. At HomeAtlantaGa we adhere to the highest standards in client representation. Below is a basic list of guidelines to which we adhere.

What does a Listing Agent owe you as a Client?

A Listing Agent owes, at minimum, the following:

Here's the Actual Context

What is the role of a listing agent?

Some Duties of a Listing Agent:

*Note: If your are selling your home as a Short Sale, the duties of a listing agent are extended far beyond the scope listed above. If you are selling your home as a short sale, you may want to visit our Short Sale page.

The role of Agency using a Flat Fee Real Estate Broker or a Discount Listing Broker.

As you can see from the descriptions above the Broker's Role must remain the same for a Client no matter if they are listing with a Discount Real Estate Broker a Flat Fee Broker or a Full Service Broker.

In other words by law if your a client of the broker then your a client. The broker owes you the same duties.

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