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HomeAtlantaGa - Top Real Estate Consultant Program

I understand you may have questions when selling your home.

Please don't assume that just because you're using HomeAtlantaGa as your preferred Discount Real Estate Company that we do not offer consultation.

Indeed, it is quite the opposite.

My Expert Consultation Program is always free to my clients. I am available by phone or via e-mail to answer any questions or concerns.

Consultation service is available prior to signing a listing agreement. The fee for consultation service is $150.00.

However, if you choose to list with us within 14 days of the consultation appointment your $150.00 will be credited to you.

Our Staff has over 50 years combined Real Estate Experience in Metro Atlanta. I'm confident we have an answer(s) regarding your question(s).

Our combined expert advise and total internet marketing solutions will have you on top of the Atlanta Real Estate Market.

We specialize in "Out of the Box" mentality when it comes to Atlanta Real Estate. If you have an idea that we haven't considered please bring it to our attention.

We can't possibly expose all of our trade secrets on the internet, but here are a few examples.

Setting the Price

We offer suggested pricing for your home. We deliver three price point recommendations a 90, 120 and 180 days on market.

Price is always reflective of total days on market.

I offer price points which I feel reflect the number of days to sell your home.

However, if you do not agree with my pricing strategies will list your home no matter the price. We are here to guide and assist in the selling process. We only make recommendations based on years of experience. The ultimate decision is yours.

(The Discount Listing Plan, contains Price Reduction Strategies. Call for Details. )

Tip: Pricing a home at $199,900.00. This is very common mistake often leading to missed opportunities.

A home price at $200,000 stands a far better chance of receiving more exposure than a home priced at $199,900.

Reason: Most Real Estate websites are in $25,000 increments.

Pricing your home on this exact increment will dramatically enhance your exposure to potential buyers.

Preparing Your Home - Market Ready

We have published a standard list of items to prepare your home for market.

But it's just not the physical aspects that are important.

The mental state of the seller is as important as the physical condition of the house.

Tip: Selling a home is a lot of work. Keeping up the yard, Keeping the pets concealed, Sweeping the Floors, Washing and Folding Clothes etc.

Mentally prepare yourself for the selling process. It will have a positive effect on buyer's in ways you may never have imagined.

Expired Listings

Why did my listing expire?

Listings expire Daily across the Metro Atlanta Area. (No matter which Broker Had the Listing) It is part of the normal Real Estate cycle and will always occur.

Top Reasons why Listings Expire

The list below is not all inclusive

  1. Access to the home was difficult for agents or potential buyers to view the property.
  2. This can occur for several reasons.

    • The Homeowner wasn't available to show the property.
    • Lock Box wasn't available for agents.

  3. Missing or Incorrect Data in the MLS listing service.
  4. We strive for perfection, but we do make mistakes. We urge every homeowner to review their listing for accuracy. No one knows your home and area like you.

  5. Perhaps the home is occupied by unwilling tenants who don't feel like moving or having their schedule interrupted.
  6. Rented Homes often are difficult to sell.

    It often comes down to the relationship the owner has with the tenant(s).

    We recommend Owners attend showings which involves tenant occupied properties.

    This usually makes the renter(s) feel comfortable and willing to cooperate.

  7. Low numbers of Photos or Low Quality Photos
  8. Low numbers of Photos (Like 1 Photo) is never a good thing. But too many photos may have a negative impact on your listing as well.

    We recommend displaying only larger rooms representing the best qualities of your home.

    As an example: If you have a smaller downstairs half bath and the photographer can't get a good angle you may opt for multiple shots of a larger room.

    In addition, not showing all aspects of the floor plan will leave something to the imagination.

    We advertise 25 photos and if you choose 25 photos we will display them all.

    We are here for guidance and offer our expert advice.

  9. Poorly written Property Descriptions
  10. Sometimes viable property descriptions are hard to write. Both the GAMLS and FMLS provide limited Character Fields.

    We are happy to assist in this process.

    Tip: As an example if you have a slightly older home with a newer roof, listing the age of the roof would be a priority.

  11. Incorrect Pricing Strategy. (See Setting the Price above)

As you can see from the examples above we practice Real Estate different from most Agencies.



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