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Atlanta Discount Real Estate versus Atlanta Flat Fee Real Estate

What's the Difference?


Many Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers in Atlanta offer a one size fits all approach to selling homes. I have realized this one size fits all approach isn't what's best for my clients.

This is why I advertise as an Atlanta Discount Real Estate Agent and as a Flat Fee Real Estate Agent.

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you are selling or are considering selling a home in the Metro Atlanta Area. But have you ever considered selling with a Flat Fee Real Estate Broker or an Atlanta Discount Real Estate company? If so, then let me explain the basic differences.

Since I practice Real Estate in Atlanta I can only speak for the Metro Atlanta Area.

Flat Fee Real Estate Explained

In Atlanta a typical Flat Fee Real Estate Broker will charge a one-time fee to list your home. (Plus a small transaction percentage based fee when a home sells.)

Discount Real Estate Explained

Where as an Atlanta Discount Real Estate Broker will not charge up-front fees to market your home, but will reduce their commissions as compared to other Traditional Real Estate Brokers.

Real Estate Commissions

Please be aware that all Real Estate Commissions charged by Brokers are negotiable. We just happen to advertise our rates publicly.

An Atlanta seller will typically save more when using a Flat Fee Listing Plan versus a Discount Listing Plan, but when using a Discount Listing Plan the Broker takes all the risks.

"When listing with any Real Estate Brokerage Firm always: Make sure you understand service levels and total costs associated in selling your home."

Let me sell your home and experience Flat Fee Real Estate at a superior level.

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