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Some older homes may contain certain building products known to have issues!!

Does your home contain this?


Polybutylene pipes were used in the construction industry for supplying water to and throughout many millions of residential properties in the United States. Polybutylene was used from about 1978 thru 1995. If your home contains polybutylene piping, you may want to consider replacing the system regardless of your intentions in selling your home. Polybutylene pipes can dramatically impact the sale price of your home.You should consider your decision carefully.

Scientific evidence points to the reaction of certain minerals found in water, such as Chlorine, to be a leading component in the failure of a polybutylene type of system. Basically, oxidation occurs at some level and contributes to the failure of the pipes and fittings used. This may result in your water pipes breaking or bursting in the walls. Severe property damage may occur.

Where else you may find Polybutylene pipes.

The supply line to your home from the exit side of your water meter may also be ploybutylene. Make sure to have a contractor or home inspector examine this as well.

Some older homes may contain certain building products known to have issues!!

EIFS Stucco!! What?

Stucco is another building product with potential to affect the marketability or value of a home. The early versions of stucco, also known as "Traditional or (Hardcoat) Stucco", has been around for thousands of years.

The newer version of Stucco is referred to as "Synthetic (EIFS) Stucco". Synthetic Stucco uses a multilayered wall system and was designed for repairing walls in Europe after World War II.

Why Stucco is considered a "Bad" product. Essentially, stucco is such a good insulator it doesn't allow for proper airflow. It can't breathe and thus traps in moisture. Trapped moisture can lead to mold growth and deterioration of surrounding components such as door frames, window seals and walls.

Newer developments in Stucco installation process is aimed at eliminating some of these moisture issues. One such development is know as the "Weep Hole System." This system is a series of air tubes and holes installed in strategic wall, window and door locations. It is intended to relieve trapped water or moisture that may be contained or trapped behind the wall(s). In addition this system is now a Building Code for residential construction containing brick siding.

As with any home siding product, proper maintenance is important. Otherwise, premature degradation or damage to a home may occur.

Proper inspections should reveal potential problems when selling or purchasing your home.

Some older homes may contain certain building products known to have issues!!

Hardboard Siding

Another building product which may affect your ability to sell or desire to purchase a home is known as Hardboard Siding.

When was it used?

Hardboard siding was installed in millions of homes in the United States during the 1980's and 1990's.

Hardboard Siding is made from Wood Fiber and/or Wood Chips, Waxes and Resins.

Water penetration is the main cause of failure to this product.

What are some of the known issues with this type of siding? 1.) Thickness Swelling 2.) Fungal Degradation 3.) Buckling 4.) Raised or Popped Fibers or Sections of Fiber 5.) Peeling, Blistering and/or Cracking 6.) Swelling around nail heads.

I can honestly say, improper installation processes and/or lack of maintenance are probably as much to blame for the early deterioration of this type of product as the manufacturers' issues.

Again, improper maintenance of any home siding product may cause damage to a home or cause premature degradation of the product.

Obviously, the items listed above do not cover all building material used in the Residential Construction. These products have probably received the most attention over the last several decades. Hopefully this will help you to understand the need for a proper home inspection. It should also demonstrate the importance in hiring a quality inspector.

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