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HomeAtlantaGa now offers multiple listing plans. Each Listing Plan contains powerful and effective marketing strategies to sell your home.

So if you're selling your home as a FSBO or require full Service Real Estate I have a plan to suit your needs.


"Looking to sell your home in Atlanta and keep more of your hard-earned equity? This Discount Real Estate Broker will help obtain your goal. Harness the power of the Atlanta MLS and Georgia MLS while paying Discounted Commissions."

My Listing Plans are designed to offset the high cost of selling while retaining the benefits of a Full Service Brokerage Firm.

I offer guidance, full broker support and marketing strategies while reducing the stress associated with selling.

I'm not your everyday Discount Broker. I'm with you from the Listing Appointment to the Closing Table. In other words, I don't just list your home and leave you to "figure it out."

This plan offers proven techniques and services to List and Sell your home.

I offer a 1.25% listing fee for any home in our service area. No up front fees or risk of losing your money if your home doesn't sell.

The Atlanta real estate market has changed over the last seven to ten years. Discount Real Estate Brokers have indeed altered the landscape of the Real Estate industry, especially here in Atlanta. It does, however, take a well-thought-out plan to market and sell homes and that's where I can help.

Considering selling your home in Atlanta, then you may have just hit the Jackpot!!

Let me explain!

Discount Broker's Position in the Atlanta Real Estate Market

"I've been practicing real estate in Atlanta for eight years. If I were to leave the Real Estate Industry, I would never pay 3.00% to list my home."

I've estimated that Discount Real Estate Brokers now control nine to ten percent of the Atlanta Market. (And that number is climbing)

That may seem like a small percentage, but there are fewer Discount Companies as compared to Traditional Real Estate Companies.

Why is this? The simple answer is the "Big Box Brokerage Firms" simply have too much overhead and can't afford to pass the saving onto their clients.

The Conception of Atlanta Discount Real Estate Brokers

I believe a large portion of Discount Brokers evolved to entice For Sale By Owner's (or FSBO's) for business and originally offering lesser service for reduced commissions.

But that has changed!

The Misconception of Discount Real Estate Brokers

Many Atlanta Sellers assume Discount Real Estate Brokers' offer lesser service. I'm telling you this simply isn't the case.

Many Discount Brokers offer same or better service than a typical Full Service Broker. Please do not confuse Flat Fee Real Estate with Discount Real Estate. They are not the same.

Don't believe me ... Have you ever seen a listing from a Full Service Broker with only one photo or none at all. I have!

The Technological Influence on Real Estate

Technology has evolved behind the scenes in Real Estate as much as it has in the public's eye.

Harvesting this new technology and streamlining my processes allows me to pass huge saving to my clients.

Another example of our free enterprise system at work.

How does this effect you as an Atlanta Seller?

I offer seller's great service levels at deep discounted commissions.

If you've never used a Discount Broker then you should give my Discount/Hybrid Listing Plan a try. You have no out-of-pocket expenses, nothing to lose and it may relate to thousands of dollars in savings.

Have questions or concerns regarding my plans. Simply give me a call to discuss.

Or schedule a listing appointment online.

CALL ME at 678-617-7167 to discuss your Atlanta Real Estate needs. We handle Real Estate Investments, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Development, Commercial Sales and Leasing, REO Properties, Short Sales and Atlanta Foreclosures.

Mark Tidwell Cell: 678.617.7167 Office: Linc Realty of Atlanta 678.394.3200

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